Monday, September 8, 2008

getting started

Im not to sure about this blog thing its a new experience for me so bare with me. Well as most of you know the Edwards saga started in 1999 when David and I were married.
I have 3 daughters, Jamie, Kelli and Kristin. David has two daughters Amber and Caitlin. So as you can see Poor David is out numbered, but he know this before making the commitment. I think he really loves it deep down.
Jamie was married in 2001 and was blessed with beautiful Mataea in 2004 later divorced in 2005 and is now living with her sister in Tooele.
Kelli was blessed with our little Devri in 2002 and plugged along in life until she met and Married the love of her life Dana Hare in 2006, our sweet little Kamryn arrived in 2006 also. What blessing they are.
Kristin is working at an assisted living facility and is being a great help to her sister Jamie,they share an apartment in Tooele and seem to be quite happy at what they are doing.
Amber is living with Dave and I right now til she can get enough saved to get a place of her own. She works at a group home for troubled teens and seems to be doing quite well at it, she hangs out with friends alot so we dont see much of her.
Caitlin is finishing up her last year of Highschool over in Emery County. She is currently living with her grandparents and seems to be very happy where she is at. She works at a care center there in Ferron and saves her money for a rainy day, what a smart thing to do in these hard times.
Anyway thats our family to date and we are quite proud of them thus far in this hectic world we live in.
David still works for Zions Plumbing and I still work in the Operating room at the hospital here in Cedar City. We are experiencing sort of an empty nest for the firlt time this year. I struggled a bit when Jamie and Taea moved out and for the most part it was just Dave and I (since we dont see alot of Amber) I think Im used to it now and it is kinda nice. We spend time in the yard and garden and are working on some projects in the house,I guess its nice that we are still young enough that we can do alot now that the kids are gone. well that is our story for now. I hope that I can figure this out and keep up on the blogging thing.


ginger said...

YaY Sharon! I'm so happy to see you blogging! It looks great and I look forward to checking in on your life (even though we live in the same town:)

Ephra said...

I am so excited you have a blog!! It was fun catching up on the family and by the way your grandkids are darling! Anytime Dave needs a hunting partner Kambren is ready and willing and does everything for himself!! Keep up the fun blog!

Carol said...

sharon I'm so glad you decided to do a blog it is so fun to keep up with everyones lives this way. keep it up looks good.